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Hearing Aids

There is a wide range of options available when purchasing hearing aids such as brand, size, shape, technology level, and price. And due to continuous research and development, hearing aids are constantly improving with new advancements and features. The task of selecting the right hearing aids for you can be very daunting, but at the Corydon Hearing Clinic, we will help you determine which hearing aids are best suited to your individual needs. When selecting a hearing aid, we consider the degree of hearing loss, dexterity and visual abilities, budget, cosmetics, skin sensitivities, and any other relevant medical considerations.

Hearing Aid Accessories

Hearing aids can significantly improve your ability to understand speech in most situations, but for some patients, they just aren’t enough. In these cases, wireless accessories can boost the performance of the hearing aids to provide additional listening support on the phone, watching TV, listening from a far distance, and in very noisy environments. While not every person requires these accessories, they are a great way to help you get the most out of your hearing aids. Your audiologist will help you determine if they are right for you.

Assistive Listening Devices

There are several devices that can help you function better and keep you safer with your day-to-day listening needs. Some of the devices can be used in conjunction with hearing aids while others function independently or in place of hearing aids. The Assistive Listening Devices that we offer include:

  • Amplified and/or bed shaker alarm clocks
  • Vibrating alarm wrist watch
  • All-in-one home alerting devices (for doorbell, smoke alarm, telephone, security system, baby cry, outside motion detector, storm alerts, fax)
  • Amplified answering machine
  • Amplified telephones
  • Amplified stethoscopes
  • FM Systems
  • Loop systems
  • Pocket talkers
  • Personal sound amplifiers
  • Professional office phone systems
  • TV listening systems

Custom Earmolds and Hearing Protection

Exposure to loud noise can cause damage to your hearing and is one of the leading causes of hearing loss. Protecting your hearing is essential because once damaged, your hearing cannot be returned to normal, and tinnitus often accompanies the noise induced hearing loss.

Hearing loss can be a direct result of working in a loud environment, a recreational activity such as attending loud concerts, or prolonged exposure to loud sounds, for instance mowing the grass. Though store-bought earplugs offer some protection, custom earmolds and earplugs offer maximum protection with a more comfortable fit created specifically for your ears. We offer a variety of custom hearing protection and listening enhancement products including:

  • Earplugs for noise
  • Swim plugs
  • Musician plugs
  • Sleeping earplugs
  • Bluetooth molds
  • Telephone headsets
  • Earphone/iPod molds
  • Racing Receivers
  • Digital earplugs that enhance environmental awareness while suppressing sudden loud sounds such as shooting a gun